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Denim are all I need!

Denim are all I need!

Denim is a timeless fashion staple. They’re the most flexible basics all year and the unsung heroes of everyone’s closets. When matched with anything, a fantastic pair of jeans, a denim shirt, or a denim dress looks effortlessly trendy and easy-going. They not only look fantastic on every event, whether casual or formal, party or at home, but they also fit every individual, regardless of size or height.

We all have a pair of the most comfortable jeans in our closet that we grab for, which are most likely old, dirty pants yet give us the cosiest sensation. These classic items only become better with age. Even though they are the most basic shapes in our wardrobe, designers continue to come up with new styles and variants every season. There are several alternatives available to you based on your preferences. Fitted or baggy, broad or narrow, high-rise or low-rise, cropped or ankle-length. Denim is no longer limited to jeans and experiments in overalls, skirts, jackets, and shirts have also been done.


Wide-Leg Jeans

Nowadays, we value comfort over fashion. Summers call for loose-fitting jeans as well as stylishly contemporary genres. Summer ’22, as the latest trend prediction predicts, is nostalgic and brings back ancient characters with modern twists.

The hips and waist of these wide-leg jeans are fitting, giving the bottom a very attractive look. And latest collection includes two such styles. Made of high-quality cotton that stretches to allow for continuous and comfortable movement throughout the day. Available in mid and high rise waistlines, as well as a variety of blue colours. This shape is adaptable; depending on how you dress it, it may be stylish or whimsical. Wear it over a smart top to seem classy, or over a patterned shirt to paint the city.


Straight Fit Jeans

This is a must-have item for your closet. Something you should always have with you when you’re on the run. They give optimal comfort while being fashionable. Another timeless style that has never and will never go out of fashion. Straight-fit or mom-fit jeans are our best-selling styles. Made from certified BCI cotton for 100% breathability and guilt-free comfort. This pair can effortlessly transition from a casual errand day to an evening with pals. They come in three different designs, with a mid and high rise waistline and a variety of blue colour possibilities.

The most traditional way to wear these pants is with a white oversized shirt or a standard t-shirt and sneakers.


Denim Crop Top

Tanisha Fashion has raised the bar this year by experimenting with new denim shapes. Since we’re on the subject of nostalgia, the crop-top is modelled after a classic contour, complete with a princess cut, puffy sleeves, and a frilled hemline. This shirt is a terrific purchase for the summer because of its adaptability and high-quality fabric. It may be dressed down with a pair of jeans or dressed up with solid or wacky patterned trousers, skirts, or even shorts. The crop top has a buttoned-down bodice that may be opened. It may be worn as a jacket over a tank top or a jumpsuit. The V-neckline allows you to accessorise with long necklaces or huge hoops.


Denim Jacket

Every wardrobe should feature at least one denim jacket. In terms of adaptability, they’re on par with your average pair of jeans. Whatever the season, a denim jacket is always appropriate when your outfit appears to be lacking. It gives your outfit that additional “oomph” element and makes you seem sassily fashionable every time. The fabric is 100% cotton with no polyester mixes. The design features four functional pockets, making it easier to keep your hands free. This jacket may transform your outfit from casual-chic to bold-bohemian; the styling possibilities are unlimited. Make your summer spend worthwhile.


Denim Dress

Denim dresses have recently gained popularity. Overalls were one of the earliest clothing manufactured from denim fabric for the working class, but they never made it into mainstream fashion. Because of the original denim fabric’s thickness. However, because to recent developments in denim fabric mixes, it is now possible to experiment with new styles. This style, while staying true to 2022 trends, also reminds us of the days when puffy sleeves and frilled hemlines were hugely popular. A gentle antique vibe with a contemporary sass. This dress may be improved with a stunning belt or scarf to constrain the waist and make it more appealing. This short frilled dress is ideal for packing in your holiday suitcase and will look great with white shoes, large hoops, and a cane hat on a summery beach day. Don’t be afraid to include this timeless classic on your shopping list.

What are you waiting for now that you realise how important all of these denim essentials are? Shop the greatest quality denim from Tanisha Fashion right now!

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