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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To purchase any item from Tanisha Fashion, a user must accept the Terms and Conditions listed below and be aware of how to place an order.

The Terms and Conditions may be deleted, changed, or modified at any moment by Tanisha Fashion. Users must fully understand them before making any online purchases.

The vendor makes sure to supply high-grade items to the customers and thoroughly inspects, screens, and guarantees all the products before shipping.

Tanisha Fashion reserves the right to modify any product’s pricing and availability without providing any prior notice.

Customers’ cancellation requests won’t be taken into consideration by Tanisha Fashion, so each client should read the cancellation policies carefully before placing an order.

Tanisha Fashion retains the right to refuse any order placed for a product for which there is insufficient information. Tanisha Fashion will provide you with a refund for purchases that were canceled by our staff, regardless of whether the product was a prepaid order.

Customers are responsible for paying any additional delivery fees if customers’ errors result in a non-delivery or late delivery.

The user can email for clarifications if they need help understanding the Terms and Conditions.

Tanisha Fashion makes an effort to give detailed and accurate product descriptions. Because all of the shooting was done in areas with strong light levels, you might notice a minor color fluctuation in the images.

The customer’s only recourse in cases when a product does not match its description in full is to send it back unopened.

Before making a purchase, the customer agrees to provide accurate information, and Tanisha Fashion reserves the right to double-check all information before the vendor ships the ordered item. Tanisha Fashion reserves the right to immediately revoke any user’s registration if false information is discovered.

The risk associated with using a credit card is entirely on the user, Tanisha Fashion is not liable for any credit card fraud.

Before placing an order with Tanisha Fashion, the user attests that they are at least 18 years old or have a parent’s or guardian’s permission.

Once the customer receives their order and 5 days have passed, Tanisha Fashion will not accept any complaints.

When you use the Tanisha Fashion online store to make a purchase, you certify that you have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions, return policy, shipping policy, and privacy policy on the website.