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Tie-Dye: The Standout Style in Your Wardrobe

Tie-Dye: The Standout Style in Your Wardrobe

It’s like something out of a storybook. This gorgeous trend is all over the place this season, and we’re here for it. Yes, we are avid fans! Tie and dye has made a triumphant return, literally!

Tie-dye clothes, an old process of colouring cloths, was and is still popular. The age-old question: How does one tie and dye? Fabrics are dipped in colour after being knotted in a certain pattern. When the cloth has dried, it is untied, revealing the design that has created.

Furthermore, the art of ‘Bandhani‘ is a renowned tie and dye procedure that dates back to ancient India. Cotton clothing has traditionally been used in tie and dye because it absorbs colour more quickly. Alternatively, flowing materials can be coloured using current tie and dye techniques. Isn’t his wonderful news? A feminine touch is what we appreciate!

It’s official! We’re off to dreamland. That’s the mood of modern tie and dye; airy lines and beautiful colours transport you to a tropical paradise in your mind.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your holiday ready. How? With bright tie-dye inspired clothing. Read on!

1 . Cute as Color Pop Tops

Are you planning a trip of a lifetime? Get some modest yet colourful tie-dye tees for laid-back feeling and Instagram-worthy photos. Simply slip on a stylish tie-dye inspired blouse and combine it with your beach shorts. Put on your shades and get ready to soak up some sunshine.

Have you noticed any of these?

2 . Dress as Pretty as a Picture 

How about some colourful breezy skirts to brighten up your weekends? Purchase some extremely amazing tie-dye outfits. To get an elegant and feminine aesthetic, blend soothing colour palettes with dramatic details such as frills, slits, and smocked detailing. For a wonderful finishing touch, pair the tie-dye inspired dresses with a hat, stilettos, and other stylish accessories.

3 . Glow in a Gown

Consider long flowing tie-dye dresses with soothing colour patterns for a laid-back Sunday brunch with friends. Choose long maxi dresses with lovely frills and slits and accessorise with a hat and sunglasses. Your extravagant outfit will achieve outstanding heights of flair.

4 . Co-ordinate with Chic Coordinates

Coordinates are an enduring trend! And it’s a nice addition when they come in lovely colour patterns. Wear these adorable ensembles with dazzling circular hoop earrings, stylish shoes, and eye-catching sunglasses. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them!

Some of our personal favourites: Is tie-dye taking over your mind? Click here to stock up on some amazing tie-dye clothes.

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