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9 Different Top Styles For City Girls!

9 Different Top Styles For City Girls!

While fashion fads come and go, the fundamentals of clothing remain constant. We need a top to match our trousers, regardless of the style. But, without variety, clothes would be boring, right? That is why designers all over the world create something fresh to the runways season after season or bring something old back to life by putting a new light on it!

Let’s look at one of the most significant and fundamental aspects — tops! Yes, there are so many various sorts of shirts that it’s difficult to keep track of them all and fit them all into our closets. But here are a handful that you simply must have!


1) The Adorable Crop Top

You’d be lying if you said you didn’t rush out to get yourself a crop top when they first came on the fashion scene. Styling them may look challenging because they fall just above your waist, but it isn’t. If you’re stuck, let your favorite Instagram influencers guide you. Let us assist you if you are still lost. this adorable crop top styles design is most favorite for the youth generation.

Crop tops should be worn as follows

Wear t-shirts with your dungarees now and again. Combine them with something as fashionable and eye-catching as a crop top! Finish with traditional white shoes to complete the ensemble.

The wedding season has already begun, and it will only get better from here. Pair your crop tops for women with a lehenga to give them an Indian twist.

Nothing beats leggings and a crop top for a supermarket run or a casual stroll around town! If it’s sunny outdoors, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses.


2) The cutting-edge Tube Top

Tube tops were a prominent fashion item in the 1970s. It’s reasonable to say they were fashion icons back then, particularly among hippy subcultures. They then made a resurgence in the 1990s. Tube tops are back in style now that most designers and stylists are going back in time and nostalgia is in vogue. They’re a wardrobe must-have, but only if you’re willing to move outside of your comfort zone. this tube top styles design is most trendy for using the occasions

Tube tops should be worn as follows

If you haven’t already noticed, tie-dyed tube shirts have been a huge sensation on social media recently, with every influencer and blogger pairing them with their look. We believe they are well worth a go!

Bring the 90s back with a velvet tube top and matching flare or track trousers! Don’t be shy; this is your chance to shine! Beauty tip: Let your hair down and wing that liner.

Add some interest with a sleek jacket, tube top, and thin slacks. Leave the buttons unbuttoned or toss the jacket over your shoulder; either way, you’ll look like a boss babe.


3) The Tough Tank Top

Allow us to clarify the difference between tank tops and sleeveless shirts. Tank tops have a racerback design that keeps them from falling off your shoulders, making them an excellent choice for active days. However, your exercise favorite may be worn in a variety of ways! Tank tops may appear simple, but they are not when properly dressed. Tank tops, an essential element of the athleisure genre, are ideal for airport looks, daily duties, and even dressier occasions. These tank top styles are fabulous. It looks Gorgeous.

Here’s how to put on a tank top

  • Do you want to give in to the classics? Wear your white tank top with blue jeans for ladies! Finish the look with a crimson lip if you’re feeling daring. Wear it wherever you want; it’s a definite thing.
  • Tank tops with sneakers? Many people enjoy this combo. But what’s lacking from the equation? A pair of your favorite joggers! With this style, you can step up your athleisure game. There are no regulations about carrying a tote or a backpack when you go out.
  • If a wine tour is on your to-do list this month, a tank top tucked into straight-leg jeans is a close second on the perfect outfit list. Finish with a cap, and remember to color match.


4) The Dazzling Cami Top

Who doesn’t enjoy wearing camis? We can’t think of a single lady who doesn’t own a cami! They make everything sexier, from pajamas to women’s pants or cami top styles. When the innerwear-as-outerwear concept was brought to the runways, it acquired appeal as an acceptable item of clothing to wear outside the house. You should do that since all the cool females are.

Cami tops should be worn as follows

  • If you have a date with the person you’ve had your heart set on for a long time, we’d 10/10 recommend a satin cami top to ensure you look nothing less than 10/10! Slip into this seductive stunner and watch the flames fly. You may wear it with your favorite jeans and a nice shade of lipstick.
  • To seem put together in a casual winter dress, layer a turtleneck shirt under a cami top.


5) The Fantastic Maxi Top

The unexpected but necessary crossover – maxi shirts! These stunning gowns are the whole package, occupying the ideal middle ground between tops and maxi dresses. You’ve most likely seen your favorite celebs wear longline tops. Maxi shirts are adaptable and may be worn in both hot weather and cold weather. Please trust us on this. you need to use this kind of maxi top styles for looking good.

Here’s how to wear maxi tops

  • If you’re forced to dress up and attend a social gathering or function, all you need for the ultimate maxi top with a slit. Allow your trouser to be a well-thought-out item, and then show it off with the slit. Finish with a pair of heels!
  • Choose sheer maxi shirts and a pair of jeans for the perfect brunch style! Your daughters will appreciate it, we promise.
  • Did you know that a maxi top coupled with shorts makes the perfect beach outfit? No? Then you should attempt this look to see what we’re talking about.


6) The Perfect Off-Shoulder Top

Not only should you expose some flesh on your legs, but your shoulders should as well. Off-shoulder shirts, which have swiftly become a staple in every fashionista’s collection, are here to stay. Off-shoulder top styles are still contemporary and beautiful even after their competitors – the cold shoulder top and the one-shoulder top – have made their presence known! You are free to flaunt these repeatedly, and then some more.

Here’s how to dress an off-the-shoulder top

  • Get that too-cute-for-you vibe with an off-the-shoulder shirt and a playful-detailed skirt. It might be anything from ruffles to cute designs to a slit (or all of the above). Finish with a bright smile for the camera!
  • For a more casual look, your jeans are the best solution to “how to wear an off-shoulder top” because they go with everything. If you notice that anything is lacking, it may be a pair of hoops.
  • A denim skirt is another option for denim pants, and it’s even better on days when you’ve just shaved your legs and are ready to show off your calf muscles!


7) The Exciting Peplum Top

Peplum is a fairly thin fabric strip that is connected in a softly frilled design to what would normally be your top’s hem. The flare is typically what provides the ‘oomph’ factor to the top, resulting in an adorable yet refined appearance! Peplum shirts seized the lead on the trend charts after peplum dresses. They were soon everywhere! Peplum top styles have seen various incarnations since their origin, replicated by design lovers time and again, from new-season publications to be among the ‘bestsellers’ on every website.

Here’s how to style a peplum top

  • Choose crisp and clean basic peplum top for a work-casual style that is more ‘casual’ than ‘work’ and may be worn to your after-work plans. Wear it with a clean pair of jeans. A neat hairdo can benefit you both during and after work.
  • Add some ‘fun’ to your clothing, then wear it out. Wear your peplum top with a contrasting hue on the color wheel, such as a pair of slacks or a joyful Lil skirt!
  • For the third look, let’s go with the skirt again, since when have you ever seen it not look great with a peplum top? We’re certain we haven’t!


8) The Elegant Tunic Top

Simply gorgeous — that’s how we’d describe the simple yet eye-catching tunic! It’s just right without being excessive. The fit is also really comfortable, emphasizing all the right spots without restricting movement. You must have noticed by now why tunics are so popular among ladies of various nationalities and cultures! You can’t go wrong with tunic top styles, that much is certain! So give this no-risk look a shot and see how it boosts your style quotient.

Here’s how to put on a tunic

  • If you’re invited to a small celebratory gathering, wear an ethnic tunic with palazzos. Don’t forget to wear your favorite jhumkas and bindi. What more could you want? It’s simple, beautiful, and always trendy.
  • For chilly days or to add another aspect to your style, layer your tunic with a jacket of comparable length. Depending on where you’re going, you can keep your accessories simple or go all-out.
  • Looking for another winter-style tip? How about knee-high boots with your tunic + jeans for a women’s ensemble, and a bright scarf to round out the look?


9) The Asymmetrical Artsy Top styles

Do you want to try something new? Put your typical outfits at the back of your wardrobe and put on an asymmetric shirt instead! Again, we’re not moaning about the comeback of early 2000s fashion with this one. Asymmetric shirts look their best when paired with the right pieces. They’re non-conforming, unstructured, and look great all year.

Asymmetric shirts can be worn in the following ways

  • The holiday season needs something that evokes the most joyful feelings. However, this year’s events will be smaller and held in more intimate settings. Wear an asymmetric kurta or ethnic shirt with dhoti or cowl pants to still create a statement. Combine it with eye-catching but not overpowering jewelry.
  • Save a party look for later by purchasing a glam asymmetric tunic and pairing it with your tallest heels and finest slacks.
  • Were you feeling sluggish? Put those bright leggings to good use by teaming them with an asymmetric shirt. Match the colors for a laid-back look!

That gets us to the conclusion of our list, but yours may be longer! Nothing is stopping you from bringing the house down now that you know how to keep on top of your style game.

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